About Us

What TAKIGEN Brings to the Future

As a general manufacturer of industrial fittings, TAKIGEN has a lineup of approximately 8,000 products, one of the largest in Japan, that allows us to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry in every field.
During our history of more than 100 years since our company was founded in 1910, TAKIGEN has developed dependable technologies, wide-ranging creativity, and most importantly human advancement recognizing and advancing the abilities of our people.
The fundamental business philosophy of our company is gratitude and in order to give shape to this philosophy, we will continue to produce dependable products for our customers as we look forward to the next 100 years.

TAKIGEN for collaborative development

Trial pieces and custom-made items can be manufactured immediately.

Our Solution

The TAKIGEN Network throughout the World

With 16 branch offices domestically in Japan, 4 branch offices abroad, and 14 distributors, TAKIGEN products are available anywhere in the world.



Our environmental policy and quality, ISO, RoHS policy

TAKIGEN has positioned the environment as a priority management issue.

Find out more our environmental management