PULLS Spec Sheet
Product No. RoHS Remarks Code Ask Price 2D 3D
AP-829-1-Black Black 03998

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AP-829-1-Gray Gray 02067

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AP-829-2-Black Black 03003

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AP-829-2K 04538

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AP-829-3-Black Black 01822

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    • The screws are concealed by the resin cap.
    • Installation is easy because the pull is attached to the outside.


    • Material: AP-829-1: Polyamide resin66 (PA66)
      AP-829-2, 2K, 3: Polypropylene (PP)
    • Standard color: AP-829-1: Black and gray
      AP-829-2, 2K, 3: Black
    • Recommended screws:
      AP-829-1: Hexagon bolt or nut M6
      AP-829-2, 2K, 3: Round head screw M6

Specific Use

    • Interior decoration specially equipped vehicles, construction machinery and buses


    • Working load: AP-829-1: 0.49kN
      AP-829-2, 2K: 0.26kN
      AP-829-3: 0.23kN
    • Be sure to test adequately when using a solvent such as thread-locking fluid.