BAR LOCK Spec Sheet
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C-564-TAK80 key differences 23791

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C-564-B-0 keyed alike 23783

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    • The lock comes with the TAK80 type, an easy-to-use, high-security reversible key as standard equipment.
    • The TAK80 cylinder can be keyed to differ (118,000 key variations), master keyed, or made to support only exclusive key codes for a customer, to comply with any key plan.
    • A strongly built padlock with a thick bar 16 mm in diameter.
    • The L=0mm type hides the bar inside when it is closed, protecting it from being cut.
    • A dust-proof cap comes standard with the lock, preventing foreign objects and dust from going into the lock.


    • Material:
      Main body: Free-cutting brass bar (C3604)
      Bar: Stainless steel bar (SUS316)
      Dust-proof cap: Ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM)
    • Finish: Main body: Hair line finish
    • Accessories: Dust-proof cap, two keys
    • Maximum number of key variations: 118,000

Specific Use

    • Large fences, inspection doors


    • The main body and bar are available separately.
    • Key lock type: Press the plunger in fully and lock using the key.
    • Key molds are available in red, blue and yellow, in addition to black, please inquire.
    • Do not forcibly pull out the key at other positions than locking.
    • Close the lock with the bar fully inserted.
    • Body and bar are separate at delivery. When first inserting bar, insert key in body first and turn to the unlock position.