ONE-TOUCH LOCK HANDLE CATCHES (with emergency unlocking mechanism)



ONE-TOUCH LOCK HANDLE CATCHES (with emergency unlocking mechanism)
ONE-TOUCH LOCK HANDLE CATCHES (with emergency unlocking mechanism) Spec Sheet
Product No. RoHS Remarks Code Ask Price 2D 3D
FA-812-C-2L-E With emergency unlocking mechanism 60871

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FA-812-C-2L-1 With lock 60870

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FA-812-C-2L-2 Without lock 60872

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FA-812-C-2S-E With emergency unlocking mechanism 60884

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FA-812-C-2S-1 With lock 60880

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FA-812-C-2S-2 Without lock 60881

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    • The lock can be released from the inside in an emergency. A 20cm-long wire is provided for emergency release. (FA-812-C-2L-E)
    • Greater safety and durability is provided by the high-security TVC cylinder.
    • The TVC cylinder uses a dimple key. The lock device has a dustproof shutter and the key is reversible.
    • Catches handle with one touch by simply lowering the handle.
    • This slim-type catch has a thickness of only 30mm.
    • The catch can be fitted to existing handles without difficulty.
    • Installation is the same as for handle catches FA-1810-C-2, FA-810-C-2, FA-1811 and FA-811.
    • Can be reset if emergency unlocking mechanism has been used.


    • Material: Aluminum alloy (ADC)
    • Finish: Baked (silver metallic)
    • Key number: TVC230
    • Accessories: Two keys

Specific Use

    • Pipe handle for specially equipped vehicles, containers and cold storage vehicles


    • Wire is also sold separately.