About Hinges

Type of hinge

1. Butt hinge

B-1 / B-1078 / B-41 / B-201

2. Parallel hinge

B-2 / B-42

3. Stepped hinge


4. Swaging hinge

B-101 / B-102

2. Names of each part of hinge

3. Slip-joint hinge left type and right type

Left-hand door
Right-hand door

4. Custom-made hinges

1. Type of hinge to be made

Butt hinge / Parallel hinge / Stepped hinge / Swaging hinge / Other special hinge

2. Material

Plate material Cold Rolled Steel plate (SPCC) / Stainless steel plate (SUS) / Brass plate (C2801P) / Aluminum plate (A1080P)
Cast parts Gray cast iron (FC) / Zinc alloy die casting (ZDC) / Stainless steel (SUS) / Aluminum alloy die casting (ADC) / Brass (YBsC) / Aluminum (AC)
Turned parts Steel Wire Rod Mild (SWRM) / Hard Steel Wire (SWRH) / Carbon steel for machine structure (S20C) / Stainless steel (SUS)

3. Surface finish

Steel Zinc plating unichrome treatment (MFZn) / Zinc plating chromate (MFZn-C) / Nickel plating (MFNi) / Chrome plating (MFCr) / Baked
Stainless steel Mirror surface buffing / Hairline finish / Electrolytic finishing / Beads shot treatment
Zinc alloy Chrome plating (MZCr) / Baked / Nickel plating (MZNi)
Aluminum alloy Alumite treatment

4. Design for hinge

1) When manufacturing with plate

  1. Shaft diameter is optimally twice the plate thickness.
  2. An odd number of knuckles allows good rotation.
  3. The outer diameter of the barrel can be determined with the following formula.
  4. Be sure to clearly specify the plate thickness / shaft diameter / knuckle length / hole diameter / hole shape (oblong, countersunk, etc.) / finish / etc. For countersunk holes, also clearly specify the diameter of the flat head screw.

2) When manufacturing with cast parts

  1. Manufacturing is mainly carried out by casting parts when heavier parts are required.
  2. Unlike plate material, the barrel outer diameter is not affected by the shaft diameter.
  3. Be sure to specify items b) and d) for “When manufacturing with plate”.
  4. For sand casting, wooden molds/cast molds are required.
  5. For die-cast zinc alloy/die-cast aluminum alloy, metal molds are required.

3) When manufacturing with turned parts

  1. Manufacturing is mainly carried out by working steel pipes and rods.
  2. TAKIGEN product numbers are B-97, B-98, B-1097, B-1098, B-970, B-980, B-1970, and B-1980.
  3. Auxiliary plate is required when using the above products for hinges.
Example of usage with B-97/B-1097

*In addition to the above hinges, we also manufacture precision-pressed parts and welded structural parts from metal molds.