TAKIGEN Key Systems

Key differences (individual key)

All locks have different qualities and each lock can be opened only with each individual key. This key is called individual key.
This will be used for facilities requiring independent controls.
This will also be used by janitors looking after different facilities.

Same key

All locks use the same key No., so all locks can be opened with a single key. This key is called same key (keyed alike).
This will be used for multiple facilities requiring a collective control. Some groups can be systematically controlled with the same key No.

Common keyed system (Central locking system)

All individual keys can open a single lock. This is called a central lock.
This system will be used on entrances to buildings which have multiple facilities.

Master key system (master key)

A single key can open all locks with different individual keys. This is called master key.
Multiple facilities can be controlled independently with their own individual key and at the same time can be controlled collectively with the master key.
Some groups with master key system can be controlled systematically.

Change key system

When the key is lost, this system enables the key code to change immediately by following the instructions on the specified new key. (When the key A is lost, the key code can be changed immediately with the key B. In the same manner, the key code can be changed from key B to key C to key D.)
This will be used to take measures against key missing or stealing when multiple facilities must be controlled with the same key No.

Pool key system (stop No.)

An exclusive key code system is prepared for the customer, and the individual key, same key and master key system are taken out of the key code system. This exclusive is the missing No. (stop No.) permanently to avoid the trouble with duplication for other customers. A duplicate key never be produced without permission of the registered customer.