Handling Precautions On Industrial Locks

1. Recommended tightening torque of M19 hex head nut: 6.86N・m

2. Recommended tightening torque of M7 hex head nut: 2.94N・m

3. Measures such as thread-locking fluid.

When applying looseness-prevention materials such as thread-locking fluid to the M19 and M7 hex-head nuts, contact Takigen service personnel as functioning may be impaired depending on where the material is applied.

4. Function failure due to wear of key.

If the key is used frequently, it may wear abnormally. Replace it with the new key in that case. Otherwise, the lock function may fail.

5. Maintenance of lock.

Once foreign matter like dust, particles etc enters, the lock function may fail, so you should perform maintenance periodically. For the maintenance, avoid using a viscous lubricant that will collect dust and foreign particles. Instead, you should use osmosis lubricant.

6. Specifications of lock turning counterclockwise.

The lock operation may not be performed properly if lock turning changes to counterclockwise by changing the stopper cam. If you need specifications of lock turning counterclockwise, please contact our service personnel.

7. Cylinder tension

  • Using when tension is applied to the M7 shaft and stopper plate or operating with the key inserted and turning in the unlocking direction may result in damage to the internal parts or malfunction of the product. Use in a tension-free state is recommended.
  • Use in combination with a pop handle (A-417 or similar product) when lock will be used under tension.